WordPress Website Design

We Provide Low Cost Web Design Services in the Franklin County Area

If you are a service company, have a retail store, provide professional expertise or sell online you really should have a professional looking website.

A website is more than a few pages on the web. Nowadays, it is the first impression of your business and has the potential to be your strongest marketing lead generation tool.

Based in Franklinton, NC we have been working with WordPress and other Content Management systems for years. If you are looking for someone to manage your site, host it and make security updates, we can provide this service.

We work with existing themes that are low cost and look great. This allows us to provide an affordable solution to our clients. We will assist you in getting your website up quickly and it will look professional. Whether you are starting out or have an existing website that needs a refresh:

  • We will add your logo

  • Import your images

  • Set up written content (or write it if the need exists)

  • Setting Call to Actions

  • Set up tracking tools to determine traffic going to your website

  • …and more

Redesigning Your Existing Website

We walk you through the steps of redesigning your site and pride ourselves on providing expert advice from years of experience in the industry.

  • Is your current website mobile friendly? More than fifty percent of all searches nowadays are on mobile phones and business to consumer traffic is an even higher percentage.

  • Is your website fast? Visitors to your site have less patience than they did years ago since so many people use smartphones. Even Google is using this fact as a ranking factor?

  • Is your website outdated? Just like a retail store or lobby of your company, people make decisions based upon how they perceive your business.

  • Does your website get people to take action? Many businesses do not realize the amount of people that visit their site and not take action in comparison to their competitors. A well designed website can increase leads for your business.

Our process starts with understanding your business and it’s unique offerings. We then do our research to determine what your potential clients are looking for when they are researching your business, your products and your services. Next, we design a site that is both appealing to your consumer and yourself.

Once we have created the website, we add the written content for customers and optimize it for search engines. We make sure it has relevant imagery and multiple opportunities for clients to call, contact you by form or an easy to find address for your business.

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is the most widely used content management systems for websites. Most small businesses use this platform because it is easy for developers to build them and even easier to maintain.

When considering whether or not to use WordPress or another platform, the reasons are lengthy.

  • WordPress can be built as a stand alone set of files. Some online platforms will allow you to build a website but since it is essentially a part of their online web app, it can never be removed and you have to keep the website with that because of it.

  • WordPress is quite possibly the easiest to use for SEO professionals and business owners. It is intuitive and versatile.

  • Since such a high population of developers are coding for this CMS, your website will be viable for years to come. Some other competing website builders have such a low share of the market, that fewer developers are learning those systems. Because of this, it will be harder to find experienced people to maintain them in the future.

  • WordPress is not going anywhere. Some older website development applications have ceased to exist. Some companies are struggling with this issue right now because their site was built on a platform that is no longer supported and the cost of switching is exorbitant because of the shear size and functionality of what was built.

Contact us and let us know if you’d like to talk about your website. You can even call or text us.