Social Media Agency in North Carolina

Social Media Marketing Agency in NC

Social Media is aggressively taking up larger audiences from traditional advertising and is even becoming used far more often than search online. Many businesses are developing complete media strategies for at least four or five of the major platforms.

Even if you do not have a robust campaign for driving new customers to your accounts, you should at least have a presence for those that may visit you without an ad.

Time, strategy, creativity, financial investment, and an understanding of how the networks work are all needed to have a successful social media presence that drives engagement. Work with someone that understands how Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms work and how to speak to your audience.

  1. Understanding your business

  2. Understanding your audience

  3. Research of your industry

  4. Define objectives

  5. Create strategy

  6. Organize a content calendar

  7. Build the creative

  8. Post on multiple channels

  9. Drive engagement

This could be as simple as one post a week or daily videos, depending upon budget and your goals.

Local or National Campaigns

Depending on your business, we will customize your strategy for national reach; for eCommerce, online training, your blog, etc. Or keep your accounts localized for driving qualified local customers in your area; retail store, local service company, etc.