How to Add Facebook Likes Quickly

Here is a Step by Step Process For Inviting Friends to Like Your Page

Since your Facebook business page is separate from your personal profile, it starts out with zero likes. So of course everyone asks how to quickly get lots of likes so the page does not appear so sad to visitors. Here is a quick and easy way to get people to Like your page.

This works especially well if you have lots of friends on your personal profile and they have an interest in your industry or just want to help out your business.

While managing your Facebook page, you can see an area over to the right labeled INVITE FRIENDS TO LIKE YOUR PAGE. What this will do is allow you to invite selected or all of your friends on your personal profile.

The best part is that it is not obtrusive at all. If you think your hundreds of friends will be annoyed, trust me, they won’t. The invite simply shows up in their notifications and they can hit like or not.

Click on the Invite Friends button and follow these steps.

The next window that will pop up let’s you see how many Facebook friends already like your page and how many you can invite that have not yet. Now you have two options. You can go through and select certain people from your entire friend list or click the Select All and quickly add everyone.

Keep in mind, you do have an option to Also send each invite in Messenger. I may recommend to create a selected list for this for those that are close friends since this is a secondary notification and it will pop up on their Facebook or Messenger App. Again, it is not too annoying, but I prefer to be selective on who I would send this type of message to.

Although, once I have sent to my close, selected friends using Messenger, I would go back in and select All and get the message out to the remainder using the simpler notification process.

Now here is where you can build pretty quickly. If you do have some close friends or family members, you can ask them to do this same process. This is not limited to the page owner. Anyone can do this for any Facebook page and because of this, you could easily see hundreds of people liking your page in the first week….if they are willing to do this for you.

How To Quickly Get More Likes For Your Facebook Business Page